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Blade Runner 2049: THUMBS UP FOR REAL

replican or replicant?
Is Ryan Gosling a replican or replican’t?  I’d say he repliCAN fill Harrison Ford’s shoes.

Now forgive my horrible puns. Blade Runner 2049 is awesome, and let me tell you why: it is picking up where the original left off without being a simple homage to the original. It maintains the incredibly vibrant setting of the original Blade Runner universe with the moody rain, neon lights, and delicious looking noodles. The sequel  sees us exploring the ramifications of the first film: how has humanity dealt with the problems the first film explored with artificial intelligent beings?  As far as sequels are concerned, it is a fine one indeed.  I am glad they went this direction, rather than the current Hollywood ‘retelling’ of the original.


Great film. I want his bomber-inspired leather jacket.